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Record Store Day(s) 2020 - America's Groove Record Store!

We are very excited to announce the first of three Record Store Day drops!

Join us for the action on August 29th.

We will open our doors at 9:00am and allow five people in our shop at a time. You will be given 15 minutes to make your selections and check out. There will be a limit of one per item, per customer on RSD exclusives. If 15 minutes is not enough time you are welcome to get back in line for another 15 minute slot. When one person exits, another may enter. We ask that everyone wear a proper face mask and sanatize their hands before browsing. We also ask that you please keep your distance from others while shopping. We will not be taking orders over the phone, or over the internet on Record Store Days.

Need more information?

Visit for a list of items that are being released during this first drop.

We apologize for the the stiff guidelines but are only trying to ensure safety and order during these times. We want everyone to get a fair chance to score kick ass Record Store Day releases and thank you in advance for being super cool 😎

More information about sale items and giveaways will be announced soon.

Here is a link to the event

If you have questions please call, or message the store before Aug 29th.


The 2nd RSD drop is scheduled for September 26th and the 3rd drop is scheduled for October 24th, in which the same rules will apply.

Thank you and we look forward to serving your needs and addiction to great music!


Aaron America Wilson

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