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80's Candy Throwbacks

America's Groove Record Store is ran by 80's kids. The 80's were a magical time with Saturday morning cartoons, prizes in every cereal box, mascot characters like Louie the lightning bug, The Noid, Max Headroom, Spuds Mackenzie, Mcgruff The Crime Dog, Woodsy The Owl, Smokey The Bear and so many more. Everything was bright and colorful, neon and fun. We just wanted to share with you some popular 80's candies that you may have forgotten about. We think we have what it takes to help you locate the fountain of youth. All you have to do is eat 30+ year old candy and you could possibly live forever! You may lose your teeth and get diarrhea, but you will feel more alive than you ever imagined feeling. Enjoy these photos and be sure to subscribe to America's Groove Record Store's website, Facebook and Instagram.

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